Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bank denim challenge

Bankfashiongstarjeans Bankfashiongstarjeans11 Bankfashiongstarjeans5 Bankfashiongstarjeans7 Bankfashiongstarjeans10 Bankfashiongstarjeans9
Me: G Star tapered jeans & white brogues via Bank (c/o) | H&M jumper and white slouchy t-shirt
Rob: Fred Perry tartan shirt | Bank fashion skinny jeans and desert boots (c/o)

Me and Rob were recently challenged to put together an outfit based around Bank denim, and today I present to you the results. These kind of posts are my favourite to do because I'm not on my tod posing for the camera so it all becomes a bit lighter and more fun. Speaking of fun, we also had a visit from a wannabe glamour model neighbourhood cat (as you can see in the photos). It was all fun and games at first but then she (he?) wouldn't stop brushing on my leg, meaning all the shoes shots had a hint of cat tail to them. My brother ended up having to call it over and keep it happy whilst simultaneously taking photos - who said men can't multi-task eyy? I branched out of my comfort zone and went for loose-fit tapered jeans, which turned out to be one of the best decisions ever. They're so comfy (hence the equally lazy top half of the outfit) and leave me much more mobile than my skinny jeans do; for example I bent down to stroke the cat no bother. Rob stuck with his winning combo of skinny jeans + desert boot. Snazzy.