Friday, April 4, 2014

A little trip to Glasgow

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Last week me and Rob went down to Glasgow for a couple of days for a belated birthday trip. We left late (when do we not) so had a pit-stop in Dundee to grab some lunch. Naturally we headed straight to Ketchup because it does the best burgers in the land, and that's where we'd been intending to go when we got to Glasgow anyway. We ordered a Chicken 'Italian job' (pictured above), a lamb 'Zorba the Greek' and a side of onion rings and chips. Rob had honestly THE best chocolate milkshake in the world to drink - definitely the kind old(er) people would drink and say it 'takes them back' - and it actually made me regret ordering an Irn Bru. First. for. everything.
We stayed at the Citizen M hotel, which we've stayed at the past couple of times, and I honestly couldn't recommend it enough. The rooms are lovely (just look at the size of those windows) with free movies and WiFi, the staff are always amazing and it's also really well priced. Rob had said we were going down for my birthday so they gave us a wee voucher for free cocktails at the bar; it's like they knew free alcohol is always the way to my heart. They have hotels in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London and New York as well which are worth checking out if you're heading to any of those places!
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Day two was spent having a wander about Glasgow with a lunch stop at Bread Meets Bread (not to be confused with Burger Meats Bun, where I had a wee date with Jen a couple of weeks ago, which is also pretty good). As you can probably tell from the photos it's not somewhere you'd go if you were on a health kick but sweet lord was the food tasty. Rob had the pulled pork burger and I had a bacon and curds grilled cheese toastie with a side of sweet potato fries. There's a really good atmosphere, the food's well priced as well as tasty and they also played some pretty bangin 80s tunes - what more could anyone want?

We then rushed back to get ready for an evening at Disney on Ice (best birthday present ever), which I didn't actually get any photos of because I was too busy being five and ogling at it all. The next day we were up bright and early to head home for my brother's 18th which had the opposite effect Disney had had the night before and left me feeling a little, um, decrepit. Now I definitely can't kid myself on in my head that I'm still 17.