Tuesday, March 25, 2014

IvyRevel Part 1

ivyrevelchinaprintblouse2 ivyrevelchinaprintblouse5 ivyrevelchinaprintblouse9 ivyrevelchinaprintblouse4 ivyrevelchinaprintblouse3

In my eyes Kenza is the number one ultimate blogging babe, so I was really excited about working with IvyRevel - which she co-founded - on a couple of posts. I love blue with red (not as winning a combo as pink and orange but... close) so I whapped out a red lip for the first time in a while and brought my Topshop mini bag out to play, which I think so far has only featured in one of my YouTube videos. Now that Spring's starting to creep in I really need to try and distance myself from my black skinnies but I just... I can't. Although rumour has it that snow's coming our way from Canada (damn you, Canada) so maybe I'll get a little longer with my loves.