Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ice, ice baby.

Glamorousbluecoat1 Glamorousbluecoat7 Glamorousbluecoat5 Glamorousbluecoat3 Glamorousbluecoat6

More pastel blue, yes. Don't say I didn't warn you. Wearing it has made me realise why I'm better sticking to black though, I've only had it on three times and have already managed to get black marks all around the edge of the sleeves. Nothing a little vanish won't fix, but I really do need to stop being such a mucky pup. I wore it with my new Boohoo top and jeans (finally breaking away from my faithful skinnies) and my new New Look £5 bargain shoes. The postman brought me a surprise parcel just as I was leaving, which turned out to be this beautiful white ice watch. I do absolutely love a nice (an-ice, geddit? Heh) watch and I don't have anything at all like this, so they picked well considering I'm such a fussy mamacita.

I've just finished filming my first Youtube video and am about to tackle the editing part of it (if I can handle listening to my squeaky voice for that long), what programmes - preferably free, tightwad alert - do you guys find best?