Tuesday, January 14, 2014


sheinsidesidezipjumper6 sheinsidesidezipjumper7 sheinsidesidezipjumper4 sheinsidesidezipjumper5
Sheinside side zip jumper (c/o) | Oh My Love biker jacket (now in sale) | Topshop colour block jeans | Topshop skater shoes (similar and similar but potentially better | Primark silver zip bag

A pretty lazy outfit today. I won £20 on a scratchcard so I chucked it on to run along (I didn't actually run, as exciting as it was I'm not that much of an eager beaver) to pick up my winnings and to treat my brother to some lunch. As much as I love these Topshop shoes, my left heel was in tatters after the five minute walk to the pub - either I've got one foot substantially bigger than the other or I've managed to pick up a dodgy pair. Ah well, win some you lose some.

Amy x