Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jump on it

AQAQjumpsuitthelittlemagpie2 AQAQjumpsuitthelittlemagpie8 AQAQjumpsuitthelittlemagpie6 AQAQjumpsuitthelittlemagpie9
Jumpsuit - c/o AQAQ | Emerald necklace - H&M | Leopard ponyskin heels - c/o Missguided

Oh, I'm in love. This is only the second jumpsuit out of a million and one that I've tried on that I didn't have to roll up at the ankle (short legs are great fun) and that fitted me well at the body (short bodies are equally great fun). It also comes in cream and black, which I was initially going to choose before realising they were out of stock in my size, but I'm so glad that I picked the royal blue in the end. It's not a colour I'd normally go for (let's face it, any colour that isn't black is a colour I wouldn't normally go for) but it's turned out to be one of my favourite items of clothing, and what's more, it makes a nice friend to my red lipstick. In vaguely related news, I found out that I actually do like brussel sprouts the other day... my lesson of the week? Being pushed out of your comfort zone isn't so bad after all (read this like one of the monologues at the end of a SATC episode). 

Amy x

P.s Excuse my mane, it doesn't bode too well in the wind.