Sunday, November 10, 2013


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Ombre fur gilet - c/o Ark // Leather jacket - Oh My Love // Basic tee - New Look // Jeans - Miss Selfridge // Boots - Missguided // Arrowhead necklace - Diana Ho Designs c/o Skinniebelle

I'm not so good at dealing with cold in Winter (as demonstrated by The Tea Incident that I mentioned in my last post) so I always end up going overboard with layering to avoid turning into a human icicle. The only downside is the having to either strip off several hundred layers when you go into shops/cafes etc, or just embrace the sweatiness. When I'm wearing something as special (and as strokeable) as this ombre gilet, I go for the latter because it really is too nice to part with. Plus, if anyone comes up to cuddle me they're going to get a nice, soft surprise. I aim to please.

Amy x

P.s I recently put together a little Christmas wishlist for ASOS along with Dunya and Clare, which you can check out here if you're feeling crazy.