Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mad scientist

sheinsidecoatthelittlemagpie sheinsidecoatthelittlemagpie4 sheinsidecoatthelittlemagpie5
White coat - c/o Sheinside // Jeans - Miss Selfridge // Boxy shirt - c/o Glamorous  // Leopard chukka boots - Glass Boutique // Leather rucksack - Grafea

I've been told by Rob that this coat makes me look like a mad professor and by my brother that it makes me look like I'm off to beauty school, but I still love it unconditionally. Its only downfall is its lack of pockets; it has fake ones stitched on, which I honestly think is one of the cruellest pranks a clothing company can play. UK winters make pockets a high priority... thank God for gloves, that's all I'll say on the matter. Apart from that, the coat's really well made and is only £30, so good job Sheinside. 

Well, I'm off to watch some Breaking bad. Last week I was left in a state of confusion because I was finding it really hard to get into and thought I'd maybe have to go to a therapist who could help teach me how to be normal, but fast forward a couple of days and I'm hooked. I've just started Series 3 and it is ALL GO. I've also managed to miraculously avoid any spoilers so far. Ignorance really is bliss.

Amy x