Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm a boy

matalancoatthelittlemagpie9 matalancoatthelittlemagpie3 matalancoatthelittlemagpie
Oversized coat - c/o Matalan // Polo neck - H&M // Check trousers - Primark (similar here and here) // Shoes - Fashion Union

T'is the season of the polo neck, and I really have been abusing my poor ones recently. I picked this black one and a grey one up in H&M last year for a fiver or so, and they're one of the best purchases I ever made - love you longtime guys, and thanks for keeping my neck warm through thick and thin. Because I like to dress like a boy and all that, today's polo neck accompaniment is this amazing grey textured jacket from Matalan. Normally I go into Matalan to get homeware, socks and mugs (that list got specific quickly, didn't it?), but they've got a really good A/W clothing range in this year, with this Topshop doppleganger of a coat being no exception. My only quibble is that it has no pockets - my cold, awkward hands can't handle this shit. Those gloves of mine are going to get a good wear this Winter.

Amy x