Sunday, October 20, 2013

Clothes lovin'

spoiledbratthelittlemagpie1 spoiledbratthelittlemagpie6 spoiledbratthelittlemagpie5 spoiledbratthelittlemagpie7
Check jacket and beanie - c/o Spoiled Brat // Crop vest - ASOS (similar here) // White tailored trousers - Front Row Shop // Boots - Topshop

I LOVE THIS JACKET MORE THAN BRICK TAMLAND LOVES LAMP. I think it's partly because I have a bit of a mild tartan addiction (insert your own Scottish-themed joke here) and also because it's made of the softest material ever. It's made by Paisie London, which is one of the many gazillion amazing brands that Spoiled Brat stock. The beanie I'm wearing's also from Spoiled Brat and has been a bit of a god-send for my sticky-out ears. I can never find a hat thick enough to stop the wind from turning them completely numb, but this beanie's so thick that it has the dual purpose of keeping your head toasty as well as blocking outside sounds out. The fact that I put it on every time Rob decides to sing in the car is a complete coincidence. 

I'm still on the hunt for a pink coat, since me and the Primark one are obviously not destined to be, and I think I may finally have found it in the form of this ASOS number. I know that human's falling in love with clothes is still a bit of a grey area, but I don't care. I fancy the pants off that baby.

Amy x