Sunday, August 25, 2013

Virgos Lounge

Virgosloungejacketthelittlemagpie2 Virgosloungejacketthelittlemagpie4 Virgosloungejacketthelittlemagpie3 Virgosloungejacketthelittlemagpie5
Embellished jacket - c/o Virgos Lounge // Tee - New Look // Asymmetric skirt - Missguided // Boots - New Look // Necklace - Tentative Decisions

What. A. Jacket. If you're after a piece of clothing that's a bit different to the norm, then check out Virgos Lounge. Their clothing's really well made and makes you feel all nice and special when you wear it. I'm desperately trying to find an excuse to buy this dress... Maybe I'll throw a ball to, um, to celebrate being alive. That's always worthy of celebration, isn't it?

Amy x