Friday, July 19, 2013

WOWjarlo - Gillian

Wowjarlothelittlemagpie3 Wowjarlothelittlemagpie Wowjarlothelittlemagpie9 Wowjarlothelittlemagpie7 Wowjarlothelittlemagpie10 jarlocollage
Dress - c/o Jarlo // Boots - Glass Boutique

For the last week of the WOWJarlo campaign, we were given the choice to style either the Gillian or the Mckenzie dress and, as always, I was drawn towards the item that has an attached collar. Thanks to said collar, the dress doesn't need much in the way of styling, so I just chucked on my favourite chukka boots (boom boom) and went on my way. Once everyone's looks are up I'll put together a little collage so you can see how each of us styled it. Which reminds me, I still need to put together a collage for last week's.

Amy x