Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My body's falling apart

bankdungareesthelittlemagpie2 londonretroglassesthelittlemagpie2 bankdungareesthelittlemagpie6 bankdungareesthelittlemagpie10 bankdungareesthelittlemagpie9 londonretroglassesthelittlemagpie4 Dungarees & Adidas Originals - c/o Bank // White tee - New Look // Glasses - c/o MyOptique

Well, my secret's out - I'm a glasses wearing geek. When I was younger, I used to be so desperate for glasses that I'd sit with my face ten inches from the tv screen whilst wearing clear lens glasses from Claires. Then, at twelve, I got my wish. Only then, when it was too late, did I realise WEARING GLASSES ISN'T ACTUALLY THAT FUN. Now, at 21, I'm blind as a mole and, after failing to recognise my own Mother in a restaurant, I realised it was time to kit myself out with a pair of glasses that weren't too embarrassing to wear outside of my flat. Enter MyOptique, who were kind enough to send me over a pair of their London Retro sunglasses. They're the perfect frame shape and they also come with scratch-resistant and anti-reflective lenses, so my little mole eyes are having a pretty good time.

I also decided to join the trainer club this week. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that it's recently turned into a series of foot-updates. First, there were blisters. Then my gradation shoes cut all my heel. And then, well, then a blister started growing on top of an already existent blister. Me and my feet looked at each other and nodded in mutual agreement: it was time to get some comfy shoes. So when the lovely Jade from Bank got in touch, I knew exactly where I was headed, and picked out these amazing Adidas babies along with some sweet freakin' dungees to go with them. I picked up some basic tees in the New Look sale last week which have been great under my dungarees. Actually, they've been great with everything... long live the basic.

Amy x