Friday, July 26, 2013

Haar haar haar, except nobody's laughing.

Glamorouskimonothelittlemagpie1 Glamorouskimonothelittlemagpie5 Glamorouskimonothelittlemagpie7 Glamorouskimonothelittlemagpie3

Kimono - c/o Glamorous // Black tee - New Look // White denim shorts - c/o Sheinside // Emerald stone necklace - H&M 

Yes, another kimono. No, I'm not sorry. I've started putting bits together in my head that I want to take on holiday and this baby's one of them. I always struggle for daywear, so I think this'll be good to throw on to go to the beach/pool/etc etc. I think I'll also take these Minkpink slasher dopplegangers from Sheinside away from me, as long as I remember not to consume any coloured food or drink when I'm wearing them. There's no doubt in my mind that I WILL spill and I WILL ruin them. The lovely ladies at Glamorous were also kind enough to send over a  beach box filled with summer party essentials like cups, sweets and a little cropped jumper for when it gets cold. I ended up having a bbq that night so the box came in pretty handy, so thanks again for that amigos!
It was amazing weather this morning so me and Rob went out for a walk along the harbour, that is until the haar crept in and ruined it all. Honestly, it was like being in a school disco with all that fog surrounding us - all we needed was a cheap disco ball and the setting would be complete. You can see it creeping in at the left of that second last photo, which must have been taken just before I got completely enveloped.
Amy x