Sunday, June 16, 2013

You smockin' to me?

moteldressthelittlemagpie moteldressthelittlemagpie7 moteldressthelittlemagpie4 moteldressthelittlemagpie5 choiesblackplatformsthelittlemagpie
Dress - c/o Motel (get 20% off everything with the code thelittlemagpie_1) // Bag - La Moda // Hat - River Island // Heels - c/o Choies 

Nothing excites me more than a bit of sun and we've had sun a-plenty this weekend, Hallelujah! This little smock dress arrived last week and it's been perfect to throw on on nice days (the shape also helps hide the old cider belly that seems to come hand in hand with nice weather). It really reminds me of the White Pepper dresses that I'm forever admiring so I was pretty excited when I saw this one on the Motel website. I'm still debating whether or not it would be appropriate to buy it in the other colour too... I'm thinking no. I popped it on with these heels from Choies which, I have to say, have been an absolute dream to wear. I wore them on a night out with my amigos last night and didn't have to hobble home at the end of it. Who woulda thunk it. My feet have been having a bit of a tough time recently (see the beautiful plasters on them in the last photo. Sorry about that) and I think one more pair of heel-rubbing devils might just have rendered me a cripple.

Well, me and my cider belly are being drawn back to the sun, sayonara for now.

Amy x