Monday, June 24, 2013


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Crochet two-piece - c/o Ukulele // Sandals - Topshop // Bag - River Island // Ring - c/o Zara Taylor

Bit of a late post tonight - I went to see Man of Steel this afternoon and didn't think I was actually going to get to leave the cinema, it's SO LONG. However there was a man with a hilarious laugh that seemed to find the most random parts funny so that alone made the trip worthwhile.

I've been desperate to wear this Ukulele set since it arrived (you know I love a good two-piece) but, after putting it on this morning, I looked at the huge grey clouds and realised it was a little too ambitious so changed into the more sensible option of jeans. Mix and matching - the beauty of the two piece. However, it's set to be sunny later on this week so I've got the skirt in reserve for then. Why oh why does my conversation always gravitate towards the weather; I'm so British that it physically pains me. Anywayyy, I've just been on the website and Ukulele's sale has just launched so you can now pick up the skirt for just over half price, bargain. 

Amy x