Sunday, June 2, 2013

troublesome gilet

IMG_7530sheinsidewhiteblousethelittlemagpie3 IMG_7530sheinsidewhiteblousethelittlemagpie IMG_7530sheinsidewhiteblousethelittlemagpie2 IMG_7530sheinsidewhiteblousethelittlemagpie4 Chiffon top - c/o Sheinside // Stud gilet- Topshop // Necklace - c/o Story // Jeans - H&M // Boots - Topshop 

I had a top really similar to this from Topshop and it ripped THE FIRST TIME I WORE IT. Oh the horror. So when a similar one popped up on Sheinside I thought it might just be my lucky day. I actually find this one better quality than Topshop and it's almost half the price too.. so-so-so-scandalous. I wore it with this gilet despite my Mum saying I looked like I lesbian in it. Sometimes she's so supportive of my sartorial choices it hurts.

The wee necklace I've got on is from my favourites, Story by Kranz and Ziegler. It arrived all the way from Denmark and I've had it on ever since. I love it so much that I'd even have gone to the airport with a little welcome sign to greet it off the plane. It'd be so romantic and happy all at once, like the opening scene of Love Actually, but better.

I should go.

Amy x