Thursday, June 27, 2013

Little cow

sheinsidecowprintshortsthelittlemagpie sheinsidecowprintshortsthelittlemagpie3 sheinsidecowprintshortsthelittlemagpie2 sheinsidecowprintshortsthelittlemagpie4 missguidedflatformsthelittlemagpie2 Cow print shorts - c/o Sheinside // T-shirt - Topshop // Hat - River Island // Flatforms - c/o Missguided

I've had an active couple of days - it is me we're talking about, so I use the word 'active' loosely - playing tennis (let's just say Andy Murray won't be having sleepless nights any time soon) and going for walks along the beach. Today the sun decided to grace Scotland with its presence once more but, despite this happy news, I think the most noteworthy thing about today was the discovery that seagulls will attack you if provoked. A couple of weeks ago a seagull ate a chicken strip right out of my hand, so today when I saw one I pretended to throw some coins at it to avenge my poor chicken (don't worry none of the coins left my hand, I'm not a maniac). How did the seagull respond I hear you ask? The seagull responded by shitting on my flatmate. You win again, seagull. You win again.

I went on another walk tonight with my brother to get some ice cream and wore these flatforms from Missguided to break them in a bit. I absolutely love them but, having never owned flatforms before, completely underestimated how hard it would be to walk in them. Very hard, it turns out. Apparently I walk on the inside of my feet and this 'condition' was exacerbated pretty badly by these shoes, so I was all over the place, taunting my brother with the prospect of having to carry me to a&e with a broken ankle. I think I've finally mastered the art of walking in the flatform now, but if I turn up in a cast in my next post you know why.

Amy x