Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gorgeous Couture

gorgeouscouture rocknroselovering rocknroselovenecklace gorgeouscouturedress3 rocknrosejewellery rocknrosefloralcrown2 rocknrosefloralcrown
Dress - c/o Gorgeous Couture // Accessories - c/o Rock n Rose

So this is just what I wore down to the shops to get some milk yesterday. Haw haw haww. When Gorgeous Couture asked me if I'd like to take part in their next bloggers feature I got all giddy and said why yes, yes of course. The dress arrived all wrapped up in tissue paper in a beautiful box, and what was inside didn't disappoint. If you have an upcoming ball, prom or event then I'd definitely give the website a wee try as they've got a whole variety of different dresses in different colours and styles. This particular dress that I'm wearing also comes in turquoise, white and black (as styled by the gorgey-porgey Olivia here).

I couldn't help but wear it with this floral crown from Rock n' Rose. I've already mentally paired this crown with a million holiday and festival outfits but I thought it'd be nice to dress it up for a bit of a change. I've seen a lot of people worrying about finding floral crowns in different sizes due to having large/small heads (me and my peahead sadly fall into the latter category) but the Rock n Rose crowns are tied with a ribbon at the back so they're completely adjustable in size - hurrah for the oddly-sized head army!

Amy x