Tuesday, April 30, 2013


everoursblouse everoursblouse3 everoursblouse2 everoursblouse4
Blouse - c/o Ever Ours // Jeans - Primark // Boots - Tesco

This is my happy top. There's just something about the cute umbrella print and the big collar that turns a frown upside down. Also, as Kimbo pointed out, it's a pretty apt print for British summer, tragic as that thought is. Ever Ours has just had a whole drop of newness in the past week (including the perfect summer dress) so make sure and give the website a wee browse if you haven't already!

Hmm sorry for the short post, I word vomited all over my dissertation today and now I seem to have nothing left.

Amy x


Nancy Wilde said...

Your outfit, paired with such flawless make-up, is adorably cool! :) xx

Hayley Nicole said...

gorgeous blouse!x


Gemma Talbot said...

Your blouse is gorgeous! The umbrellas are so sweet x


Holl JC said...

You look wonderful Amy! I love that blouse, the umbrellas are just perfect! I love your boots too, they'll be great for warmer and cooler weather! xxx


Unknown said...

Stunning blouse!

♥ Filthy Fashion ♥

Laura | Style and Sushi said...

Oooh that blouse is so lovely! :) I also am in love with your boots! They're perfect! x Laura

Juliet Polilova said...

your shoes are incredible!
very nice blog by the way ;)

kisses from Russia,


Unknown said...

Hello pretty face!!
Loving this outfit and really loving your hair! The little plait thing you have going on around your bun is divine! Might give it a try one day :)

In other news, dissertations and word vomiting sounds painful! Hope you're getting somewhere with it all! xxx

Emily / www.thebeautymist.co.uk said...

Those shoes are gorgeous:) x


Natalie said...

I love your blouse, the print is the cutest!

Carly's closet said...

I love this outfit! Gorgeous blouse!

Carly's Closet

Unknown said...

The blouse is so cute! I love those cut out boots too I've seen Sammi from Beauty crush wear them and they look great with jeans :)

Dressed By S said...

Such a pretty blouse!
S xx

Paige Rhianne said...

You look beautiful I love your shirt! x


StaceyFacex said...

oh wow i love your outfit, I also LOVE your lipstick! xx

StaceyFacex said...

lovely outfit but I LOVE your lipstick xx

Unknown said...

Absolutely love the blouse and it's definitely appropriate for British summer!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

the collar on that is pretty epic, lovely! I'm very jealous of your huge top knot too!xx

Jodie said...

You look fantastic your right it a very happy top

That girl; Saadiya said...

Your top is so cute - love it!
Saadiya x


Samantha said...

Such a cute outfit, love the printed shirt.
Lots of love from New Zealand,

Mixed Infusions said...

loving those shoes!!!

Can't believe they're from tesco!! will actually have to get a pair

Monique xx