Sunday, April 28, 2013

I feel just like a Child

desireblackdungarees3 choieswhitesheerpaneltop desiredungareesthelittlemagpie paperblanksjournal
Dungarees - c/o Desire // Watch - Casio // Top & collar necklace - c/o Choies (you can see photos of the full top here) 

'Why the pad Amy?' I hear you ask. Why, in honour of National Stationery Week, of course. I've always been a stationery geek, I used to save up my pocket money when I was younger so that I could buy a nice new pad, then I'd just sit and stroke the softness of the new pages for a while until I thought of something of value to write in it. Is that something I should have confessed to? Probably not. Anyway, the pad I'm holding is the shadow classic mini from Paperblank's Silver Filigree Collection. They've got a whole range of beautiful journals on there - when I first went on the website I was in stationary heaven, the 8 year old in me was desperate to go crazy and buy them all. Grown-up me finally settled on the Amy Winehouse journal as my next purchase, but I can't promise I won't end up buying one from each of the different ranges. I'll need to wait until my dissertation's out the way though, as it's caused me to develop a profound desire to burn everything I come into contact with that's related to writing.

Speaking of said dissertation (sicked in my mouth a little bit even at the word) I think that's why I've taken to dressing like a child - who needs to worry about the world when you're wearing dungarees?