Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Colourful me

Sheinsidedress2 grafeacamerabag2 Sheinsidedress4
Dress - c/o SheInside // Shoes - Glass Boutique // Bag - c/o Grafea // Rings - Story by Kranz & Ziegler

Hallelujah, my camera has a home! I am the most anal of anal things (have a pause here to laugh at 'anal' if you want) when it comes to looking after it - I think rob's been close to hitting me over the head with it on several occasions thanks to me shouting 'DON'T HOLD IT LIKE THAT PLEASE' in his face. I always get scared carrying it about in case I fall over and land on it/a seagull swoops down and grabs it out my hands, but now that it's been pimped out with a new Grafea home I can put my mind at rest. There's pockets galore and a zip underneath the buckle fastening so no one can stick their hand in and nab your goodies. Not to embarrass the bag, but it was also voted second best camera bag by the Independent. What a little winner. 

I paired it with this SheInside dress and Glass Boutique shoes to make probably the most colourful outfit I've worn all year. The arrival of the sun's finally got me out of my monochrome phase, huzzah. The dress is one of my favourites at the moment, it's real nice to wear and is pretty different to anything I've seen about, and, best of all, is only a cheeky £25. Shting. However, if you're gonna take the plunge, I would size up from what you normally go for as those sleeves take no prisoners. 

Amy x