Monday, March 18, 2013

Human hairball

sheinsidebatjumper sheinsidebatjumper2
Jumper - c/o SheInside // Trench - Jovonna // Stripe dress - USC // Satchel - Vintage

Holy Mojito was it windy when these were taken, in most of the photos I look like I'm made of 90% hair, and I think that you can maybe tell from the first photo that my jacket wasn't having the best of times either. Thankfully I had my new JW Anderson jumper on to keep me warm.

Fine, ok, you got me - it's not really JW Anderson, but don't tell anyone. I do think it's a pretty good lookalike though, and for £19 you can't complain. I've got on the navy one but you can also get it in good old black too. 

Ah short but sweet, I do apologise but my head feels like there's lots of little people doing the Macarena inside it - this cold just won't give up.

Amy x