Monday, March 4, 2013

Bomber Bud

Glamorousbomberjacket2 Glamorousbomberjacket3 Glamorousbomberjacket Bomber Jacket - c/o Glamorous // Polo neck dress (worn underneath) - Miss Selfridge // Tartan dress - Glamorous

When I was about 13 I found a white bomber jacket in H&M that I absolutely loved and, after about a month of saving, it was finally mine. I wore it constantly for a good couple of years until one sad day when we were in such a rush to get to the airport that I left it behind in the apartment  Apparently most people didn't feel the same way about it as I did because, upon telling my friends the news of the loss of my jacket soulmate, the only response I got was 'thank God'. Hmm. So, when I saw this one on the Glamorous website I decided that it must be the re-incarnation of my long lost jacket and that we could finally be together again. I'm still in two minds about whether to send this story to Oprah or not.

I've also taken to wearing two layers of dresses at the moment because it's so goddamn cold... Those sunny days of last week seem like forever ago now that I'm back in Goosebump City.

Amy x