Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Styling a midi dress for summer

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ASOS floral midi dress | Stella McCartney leopard sunglasses | COACH silver bag | ACCESSORIZE espadrilles
Well hello there... How do? I'm currently stuck on a train instead of being out in the sun so if you hear the faint sound of someone weeping then, don't worry, it's just me. Last week I popped down to London on the Monday to shoot an exciting wee project (which will be coming your way this week actually) and then managed to squeeze in some lunch and a little shoot with Amby. These were actually taken just off of Oxford Street but ended up looking quite New York-esque in some of the snaps (minus, of course, a constant stream of yellow cabs). I don't know what's happened as of late but I seem to verrrry into my feminine, floral dresses and today's outfit is no exception. The weather's finally starting to pick up here - well, Glasgow has other ideas, but the UK as a whole is getting pretty sunny - and there's nothing I love more than being able to chuck something on and go on my merry way, which this dress is perfect for. I also spilled some coke down the front (classic me) and you'd never even know thanks to the joys of a mixed print. Why they don't write these kind of pluses on the website I'll never know. Also, I think the dress is actually supposed to be worn off the shoulder but I thought, 'do you know what? YOLO' and wore it up like this instead (ok it wasn't a yolo thing, I just don't really like that off the shoulder styles often accentuate my suspiciously broad shoulders). I just popped it on with my trusty Accessorize espadrilles, because the thought of walking along Oxford Street in uncomfortable shoes makes me want to do a little vomit, and my Stella sunglasses WHICH I ONLY WENT AND LOST IN POLAND. I don't want to talk about it.


Here's a round up of some of my favourite midi dress on the high street right now (as always, just click on the photo to be taken straight to it!)


Unknown said...

Totally need a midi dress for the summer season. Loving this look on you!



Andini Ria said...

Dreamiest dress ever, looks perfect on you! <3

Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

fb login said...

It's sexy and modern. Maybe it will suit my girlfriend. She will be very beautiful and charming when wearing the costume for the weekend party. Thank you for sharing
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Laura said...

That dress is ridiculously beautiful! So flowy and summery <3 Perfect for this little heatwave! x

Laura // Middle of Adventure

Unknown said...

This dress is so pretty and girly! Also your hair is amazing! I didn't recognise you at first when I was scrolling through bloglovin!

Unknown said...

You look lush! I absolutely love your hair like that too!
Jen, Velvet Spring x

Patricia G. said...


sopharsogood said...

LOVE this dress - it's perfect on you. I am also all about the prints which accommodate spillages well, being a little clumsy at times. Also definitely going to look in accessorize for espadrilles, I've been looking for some wedge ones and didnt think of there!
Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

Andrea said...

Perfect summer style!! That dress looks so beautiful and fresh!


Seize your Style

Piia Õ. said...

Gorgeous dress, plus I'm so smitten with the espadrilles trend right now! And as a fellow broad-shouldered gal, I totally get why you didn't wear it off shoulders :D


Megan Ellaby said...

Okay, you can stop being so god damn perfect now you utter babe x

Unknown said...

What a beautiful print! xx


Unknown said...

I love the print of this dress, the length and shoulders are so lovely too!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

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