Tuesday, July 21, 2015

7 Tips for Holiday Dressing

Holiday dressing is something I'm asked about a lot and, whilst most of the time I can be found wearing a sweaty bikini and an uncomfortable grimace, I do have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve that should make life in the sun a little easier. Without further ado...

Top tips for holiday dressing 1 Top tips for holiday dressing

As you may already have noticed, headbands are my ultimate holiday(/life) saviour. They add instant sass to an outfit that otherwise says 'I'm sweaty and I can't be arsed with life' and craftily cover up the unavoidable post-sunscreen greasy hairline.

Top tips for holiday dressing 2

I'm a fan of layering up jewellery all year round, but I think when you're abroad you can really go to town with it; tanned fingers and stacked rings are as pleasing a combo as peanut butter and jam. And while we're at it, jazz up those fingernails! Between that and the jewels, you'll have a constant sum' sum' going on without even having to give any thought to it. These stripy nails were a mere £1 from Primark and lasted me for almost a whole week in Greece.

Kivotos boutique hotel mykonos greece review 41

Blue Palace hotel Elounda Crete Greece review 5

A massive must. Invest in some gaddam comfortable shoes. I like to split my time between exploring and relaxing on holiday (we're talking a 20:80 split here) and have made the mistake in the past of picking up some pretty sandals without trying them on only to be left convinced by the end of the first day that I'll never walk again. Comfy. Shoes. People.


I'm not talking invest as in money (be my guest, though), but invest as in time. Take a while finding a pair that makes your heart go boom because those badboys are going to be your most worn purchase the whole time you're away.

HM summer campaign turban 13

HM summer campaign turban 7

So, the last thing you want to waste time doing on holiday is worrying about what you're going to wear each day, yes? But equally you don't want to come home filled with regret that you spend the entire week in an old sarong. The solution is simple: find an every day basic that you feel comfortable but nice in and - most importantly - can layer to make different outfits each time. For me it's dungarees; I'll throw them on over bikinis and vests during the day and often at night as well with a little crop top (although only at the beginning of the holiday because by the end, y'know... sweat).

Top tips for holiday dressing 3

H&M summer campaign 8

Aside from the previously mentioned sunglasses, your bikini's going to be up there with your most-worn purchase of the week. Shop around, find which shape suits you best and - remember - there's no such thing as too crazy a print. A prize-winning tip for you: bring a bikini in your hand luggage just in case - GAD FORBID - the airline lose your bags. My Mum told me this when I was younger and it's stayed with me ever since!

Blue Palace hotel Elounda Crete Greece review 62

I feel bad for even mentioning this but - whispered voices - sun is never 100% guaranteed on your holiday. Gasp shock horror, I know. It's easy to get carried away packing lots of itty bitty shorts and crops, but make sure and pack - or at least fly in - something that you can throw on in the face of severe chilliness or rain. My favourite for this is a kimono; nice and easy to roll up, leaving you plenty more space for your 5000 bikinis.

And there we have it, my top holiday dressing tips! If you've got any crackers of your own then please do share.


(I've just had someone ask why there are pebbles on my kimono in the last photo and I can't stop laughing - the kimono's split at the back which has resulted in one of man's greatest optical illusions. Well, one of man's optical illusions)


Unknown said...

Great outfit tips! I really like the sunnies and your hand accessories. Very cute!

Unknown said...

Great tips, love the photos!

Anika | www.anikamay.co.uk

THE NEON FACTOR | Diana said...

Lovely pictures!

|| D I A N A ||

Unknown said...

I love this list! A comfortable pair of shoes is an absolute must. I can't count the number of times that I've had to do an emergency run for band aids!


Molly Lyon said...

Where is your shirt from in the second photo? It's stunning! I know you have probably posted it in the past, but you know, someone has to be awkward.

Mandy said...

Love this post, great tips!!


Anonymous said...

love the sandals

Stefanía said...

Nice tips! Its maybe not on this list but I have to say that your bag has been on my list forever!! Its so beautiful and so are you xx


Leesa said...

Love the headband!

Kelly said...

Fantastic tips, love the turban and comfy shoes are a must!!

Kelly's Journal

LIVforstyle said...

Great tips. A cover up is a must.



Anonymous said...

can you do a turban tutorial?! i can never do it like you!

Unknown said...

love you accessories!


WillowTea said...

Love this - will definitely be coming back to it for my holiday in October!x


Unknown said...

Love this post. I have just started thinking about packing for my holiday and this is the post I needed. I definitely need to purchase a turban.

Beth x

Jess said...

Absolutely love that leaf print bikini! You're right about keeping a pair in hand luggage. I think losing my luggage is one of my top holiday fears!


mahryska said...

love it!
kisses from dubai ♥

vanessa said...

such enviable pieces! your holiday looks are so perfect!


Yukova said...

Really nice tips and great photos!
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Kat said...

Hello, why are there pebbles on your kimono?

Earth to Style said...

This is such a great post! I've been wearing the same two bikinis for I think like 3 years (it's okay, I wash them often) because I just haven't been able to find any others that fit me as well. It's pure gold when you find those perfect bikinis that flatter your body shape.

Also, I always need to add pajamas to my travel packing list. I will literally pack an entire suitcase filled with cute outfits, and find that I only packed one pair of pajamas. It's not fun wearing the same pair of pajama pants for a week. Ick.

Thanks for the tips, Amy!

xo Lauren

Alana Says... said...

I love the cover up!! Its so nice.


Alana Says…//www.alana-says.blogspot.co.uk//Fashion and lifestyle blog

Unknown said...

love your pictures! Perfect tips for my holiday, thank you!

Berrie xx


Unknown said...

Turban and sunnies - amazing for covering up so many festival sins yet look so chic!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

Unknown said...

What lovely tips! Totally in love with you entire blog, I can't believe I only found it today. Where abouts do you buy your turbans from? The one in your first photo is beautiful! xx


Anonymous said...

Where are your sandals from? Thx.

The Style Rawr said...

Aweeesome tips! I really want to try the whole turban trick, you always look so amazing in them.

Tara x

hhaniya said...

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This is one place that I would love to visit one day! I will just have to be happy and contented with all the pics here for now. Thanks for the virtual tour, Shannon

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