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Well, hi there! And welcome to The Little Magpie. Actually I feel a bit like Batman introducing myself like that - I'm Amy, I'm the ripe old age of 22, and The Little Magpie is merely the name I use to blog/fight crime under. I originally started this blog when I was at uni studying English Literature as a place I could come to escape from my essays and write about girly, inane things like what I was wearing that day or what my favourite nail polish was at the time. Ironically in the end it was the writing part that I enjoyed most.. Once a nerd, always a nerd it would seem. Anyway, here I am in late 2014, still writing about clothes, throwing the occasional beauty and lifestyle post in here and there and even doing a bit of modelling from time to time (who'd a thunk it?). The travel and lifestyle sections of my blog have been expanded over the years - with a few gluten fee recipe posts thrown in here and there - but I've still remained faithful to my good old outfit of the day posts too. You can also find me over on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Anyway... welcome!