Monday, June 28, 2021

June favourites!

Oh hey there! A very happy Monday to you.

Last month (or maybe it was the month before? Time's slipping by like sand at the moment) I asked what you'd like to see more of around these parts. One of the things that came up a lot was a round-up of weekly/monthly favourites; I thought I'd go down the monthly route so I can make it a bit more girthy for you*! June's picks are a bit of a mixed bag, there are a lot of pieces in there that you can tell I was in a holiday mindset when I picked (is anyone else thinking of beaches and jumping in the sea an inordinate number of times each day?) but I think my favourites have to be: this lovely wee leopard print playsuit, which looks fantastically comfortable, this quirky two piece, this waistcoat (I've been after something like this for so long so was delighted to stumble across this), the cute little floral jeans, which I think would look great with a cropped white blouse, the cross body straw bag and these amazing chunky sandals.

Have a lovely one, I hope the sun's a-shining wherever you are and I'll catch you back here very soon! 


*I'm just realising now how uncomfortable the word 'girthy' makes me