Friday, June 23, 2017

Going Nude (not that kind of nude, you animal)

The Little Magpie Clairol - Amber-Rose Photography 15
Yes, as some of you eagle eyed beans noticed from this post... I gots me some new hair! And the look was done with, wait for it, Nice 'n Easy. Magical, isn't it? Last week I headed down to London for the day to get my hair done by Michael Douglas. Once I realised that it wasn't actually Catherine Zita Jones' husband (sorry, Michael's probably heard that joke 568 times and found it less and less funny every time) I got settled in to hear what the day had in store for me and my barnet. 

The Little Magpie Clairol - Amber-Rose Photography 9 The Little Magpie Clairol - Amber-Rose Photography 15 The Little Magpie Clairol - Amber-Rose Photography 4 The Little Magpie Clairol - Amber-Rose Photography 15 The Little Magpie Clairol - Amber-Rose Photography 17 The Little Magpie Clairol - Amber-Rose Photography 13 The Little Magpie Clairol - Amber-Rose Photography 23 The Little Magpie Clairol - Amber-Rose Photography 10 Nice n Easy The Little Magpie

So, Clairol's whole focus right now is on #GoingNude and, after a minor misunderstanding, I re-buttoned my dress and learned what it really meant. Basically it's the very subtle, natural hair look that is chic (le freak) but also low-maintenance. In other words, it's my dream 'do.  I'm going to pop in a quote from Michael himself because he knows his stuff and describes it much better than I ever could:

The Little Magpie Michael Douglas brown balayage

There we go, much more concise than I could ever have been. So, the idea is that Nice'n Easy's new Colour Enhancer will help you create this nude look with minimal effort by enhancing the natural colour of your hair by juuuust a few shades. There are lots of looks that you can achieve, but we decided to go for a balayage look that would make Alexa Chung proud with a mid brown colour fading into a blonde - shade 77 on my roots, 73 on my ends, if you want to get technical - and I'm so so happy with how it turned out. Because it's semi-permanent, it's a really healthy way to add colour to your hair (which is good because mine is still reeling from being blue last year), it lasts up to 8 washes and leaves your hair with the loveliest shine. It's been such a great campaign and one that I'm really proud to be a part of... LET'S ALL GO NUDE TOGETHER.

The Little Magpie Clairol - Amber-Rose Photography 5


Post in Collaboration with Nice 'n Easy


Jodie Melissa said...

you look beautiful, love your hair that colour!

Rachel Emily said...

You look gorgeous and that hair colour is dreamy. Going nude is something I probably need to do after years of bleach blonde trauma for my do!

Rachel |

Unknown said...

Love the sweeping fringe and colour, very glam and soft!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

Andrea said...

Love your new hair!! You look gorgeous!!


Seize your Style

Unknown said...

Beautiful hair! And love that dress, the colour compliments your hair so well!

Kirsty xx |

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Unknown said...

Oh girl your hair is just SO dreamy! Michael did my hair too and he's honestly the nicest man ever - so, so happy with the results! P.s LOVE that red dress on you wifey! <3

Hayley xo

Unknown said...

My gal, you look AMAZING Amy! I love a bit of Nice 'n' Easy, it is a regular of mine, but I would love to do the balayage look! May have to have an experiment >:) Immy x

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