Friday, January 20, 2017

All The Gear and No Idea

IMG_7855 IMG_7128 IMG_7149

I know what you're thinking... 'what the HELL is Amy doing in exercise gear and where is the chocolate bar that normally resides in her left hand'. Well, I've made the decision that I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna get fit. Not as a weight loss thing but to tone up a bit and to feel fit and strong again - remember when you were a kid and you could run around all day and swing around on monkey bars without a care in the world? Now I'm tired 90% of the time and all it takes is a good laughing session for my abs to start hurting. I got into it a little bit last year - you may remember the ole metafit classes I kept banging on about - and just as both my mental and physical health were starting to improve I fucked off to Bali for three weeks and fell completely out of it. Returning home to 3 degree weather in Scotland is a real motivation killer... especially for someone who has so very little of it already (one time I genuinely put off going to the gym because it looked a little cloudy outside and 'it might have rained' on my walk round. Not a proud moment). 

Plus, now I've written it down here and got the sassy kit I have to do it.. right?



Sophy said...

I love this workout gear! Such a gorgeous print! I know the feeling... I'm usually defeated by a small flight of stairs and regularly left doubled over trying to catch my breath from running for the bus! Good luck with your workout routine! x

Unknown said...

This workout gear is so pretty! Sophie x

the gold lipstick said...

Love it!

Mireia from TGL

Unknown said...

Girl go for it .. best feeling ever once you make it a lifestyle x

Dylana Suarez said...

You look so cute!


Unknown said...

Love the floral print!


Ashley Christabelle said...

You've got it, girl! I was one of those girls who wouldn't be caught in the gym, but now I love going there. It's true what they say, good looking activewear does motivate you to workout a little bit harder! x

NausikaƤ said...

I love this workout gear, mine is always so boring and black, haha! XX

Emma Lisa said...

I love what you're wearing - such a pretty design! x

Georgia Megan said...

Good on you! It honestly feels amazing to start exercising after not doing it for so long! Loving the workout outfit x

|Georgia Megan|

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