Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet Lilo

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So... I'd like to introduce you to the little munchkin who was waiting for me at the final stop of my birthday treasure hunt! I woke up on Sunday to a pile of envelopes from Rob which I was to open at set times over the following two days, the first of which said to pack a bag for a night's stay at Anwick near Newcastle. We stayed at the beautiful White Swan Hotel (with a surprise upgrade to the bridal suite, very exciting stuff) and had some drinks and a lovely meal. The next morning, the envelopes led to a delicious breakfast, a trip to Anwick gardens and their treehouse restaurant and then - finally - to a random house just outside of Anwick. When I realised what was happening I had a very long excited cry, composed myself, and went inside to meet my little pup. I went through a series of names - Edna Mode, Jessica Lange, Beans - before finally settling on Lilo after realising how much she was like Stitch (but Stitch was too boyish a name for this little Diva). It's safe to say you can expect to see a lot more of this face around these parts...



Unknown said...

She is just the cutest!! Sounds like you were one lucky girl x


Mariel Parton said...

So cute <3 and sounds like such an exciting and fun birthday :)


elzha said...

ahhh so cute, such a nice birthday surprise ! x

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Unknown said...

So adorable and great choice of name :)


The Style Rawr said...

I can't even cope with the cuteness! I showed Sam your Instagram pic and complained about how he's never given me a puppy (AFTER 10 LONG YEARS)... I then put in a request for a chihuahua which is when he gave me one of those *Tara, it's not going to happen* looks. SOB.

Tara xo

Charlene said...

I am so jealous right now - I don't even have anything else to add, I am just SO jealous!


Unknown said...

It's so lovely!!

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Natalie said...

awh she is too adorable! love the story too xx

Natalie / Salt & Sail

Primrose said...

She is literally the most precious thing! ahh you must be so happy! Hope you had a great birthday x


Natalie said...

She's so lovely! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday.

Holl JC said...

Ohhh Myyy Goooshhhh! She's the most perfect little thing ever ever ever, aha x


Chelsea Jade said...

I cant handle the cuteness!!

Hannah Louise said...

I cannot deal, oh my god. Can't wait for more photos, hope you had an amazing birthday!! x

Rachel said...

Oh my word! She is the most precious, what a lovely birthday surprise! x

Josie said...

She is just so precious!! What a gorgeous girl. Your whole birthday treasure hunt sounds absolutely amazing, what better way for it to end than a puppydawg? Hope she's settling in well and that you don't lose too many shoes from her chewing them (my dog ruined 5 pairs of mine haha! Luckily for him he's so cute!) Looking forward to lots of pics on insta! x

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Ceri Louise said...

Ahhh, such a cutie!
What a lovely set of birthday surprises too!

October Eleven

Anonymous said...

Lilo is gorgeous! :) I hope you post more about her at some stage x


em said...

Lilo is so adorable! Sounds you had an amazing and exciting birthday weekend :)

em said...

Lilo is so adorable! Sounds you had an amazing and exciting birthday weekend :)

Grace said...

She is so gorgeous! I love her!

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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, soooo cute and what a perfect name! Sounds like you had a lovely birthday!


Rachel said...

aah i can't believe all the amazing birthday treats you had! lilo is the absolute cutest!! can't wait to see more of her!

Rachel // Style Soup

Kate said...

Oh my god she's simply the cutest!!! <3



Tusks and Tails said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday!! This pup is adorable!


Unknown said...

Sounds like the best birthday weekend EVER Amy!!!!! Lilo is adorable, Rob did good haha and I would of totes cried as well. So jealous of all the puppy cuddles you are probs receiving right now. xx

Unknown said...

So sweet!! What a great birthday present :)


Anna said...

Such a cutie <3


Unknown said...

GOSH soooo adorable!!


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Kelsey said...

Oh how cute. I can't wait for the time where we can get a puppy of our own.

And I love the nails!


Amy Alice Miller said...

This is my absolute dream!


Nikki Williams said...

omggg!!! SO cute!

xx nikki

Charmaine Cowland said...

Aw my heart just meltedddddd big time, such a cutie!

chaneladele said...

Oh my god, she's adorable! xx

when in wonderland

Nina said...

Oh god what a fab gift, Rob is so thoughtful with the treasure hunt it makes me want to weep with jealousy! Sounds like you had a fab birthday, can't wait to see more of Lilo!
Nina from little nomad

Jenny said...

OMG Isn't your boyfriend just the sweetest! Such a lovely idea and he must have put so much effort into your birthday present :') love your pup such a cutie! Can't wait to see more x


Chrystin Aponte said...

Awww, she is so sweet! What an amazing birthday present! Congrats on the new addition to your family :-D

Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

The Betty Stamp said...

oh holy sweet jesus , Lilo is too die for!!!!!!! And that sounds like the most perfect birthed treats! Well done Rob *pat on the back*
And a little tiny stroke for Lilo.
Betty x
The Betty Stamp

Daisy said...

Wow she is so adorable! Going to show this post to my boyfriend now to give him some birthday hints :) Daisy Xx


VioletDaffodils said...

Omg Lilo is so precious! What a lovely surprise with all the envelopes and trips leading upto the big one that is so sweet! Hope you had a lovely birthday :)


love cherry said...

Oh my days! She is the most adorable thing i've seen! i definitely would have cried too ha!


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