Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday favourites

Pale blue duster coat | Black longline blazer | Oversized coat

Well, these aren't necessarily Friday favourites. They're things I am a-loving this week and it just so happens to be a Friday. Anyway, I digress. I got my first longline blazer a few years ago as a gift from Rob because I was going through a 'I want to be Lol from This Is England' phase. I've picked up a couple more along the way and recently I keep stumbling across others that are making me want to grow my collection. Enter these three ASOS numbers. The blue one is my absolute favourite (I think) but the black's only £40. Although, in saying that the charcoal does look pretty cosy. Flash forward three hours I'll probably still be sitting here - weeping - trying to figure out which one to buy. Or trying to talk myself out of buying any of them. We'll see.
Kinky (ooh-er) cut out shoes

How. Amazing. Are. These. If you've been reading my blog a while you might remember that I was after the Katz cut out shoes which were pretty similar and, as often happens with my fickle self, I debated over them for too long and they sold out. NOT THIS TIME. I had me a giftcard from my birthday so I snapped them up right away and have all but pounced on the postman every day since waiting for them to arrive. I'm not sure what will arrive first; my shoes or a restraining order.


Holl JC said...

I think I'm in love with all those coats! Although they would probably just swamp little ol' me x

Shannon Beer said...

All of those coats have been sitting in my favourites on asos, think I may have to buy the blue one!x

Nikki Williams said...

that powder blue coat is amazing! love that color!


Muny B said...

Love these long coat! Love them all!

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Eden Simpson said...

Love all of these picks!

The Lost Girl said...

these are all so gorgeous, the blue one is swiftly going on to my wishlist, too. have a lovely weekend! x

Laura said...

So into the long coats right now, amazing!


Carys Emily said...

The long coats look amazing, wish i could pull one off !

Distant Dreamer

Silvana C said...

Gah Asos is killing me! Spent so much there lately, stop tempting me ;p

Wild Wolfy
Sil xx

Simplybeautifulelegant said...

awesome post!

Mila said...

Aaaaah those coats! <3

Alicia N. said...

I love the gray oversized coat. The length and color is perfection.

Neon Fox

Abbie said...

Those shoes are so cool! xx

Sarah Bowater said...

I've had my eye on that grey coat for so long now! And those shoes ... no words.

Sarah x
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Hannindrome said...

I've just bought the charcoal coat (along with two other grey coats) cannie wait for it to arrive! I NEED THE GREY COAT OF MY DREAMS

Sarah Solomon said...

These shoes are amazing!