Thursday, May 30, 2013

Room for Improvement

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I was recently asked if I'd like to take part in a competition MoneySupermarket are running called 'Room for Improvement' where you're challenged to improve a room in your houseon a £50 budget. Being a student, pretty much everything I do is on a budget so I thought this was a really good idea for a challenge. My Mum moved house recently so I picked my bedroom at home to do up. So, I've added some 'before' photos and some 'after' photos as well as some details below:

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My Mum had these old candle holders sitting down in the garage so we painted them up with the same paint we used on the wardrobe (see below) and then I added some candles which me and Rob found in Dunelm. Dunelm had a mahoosive sale on so I also picked up some little ornaments which you can see better in the photos below:

IMG_7650 IMG_7649
Pointy candles - £1.50 each (Dunelm)
Candle holders - Free (Thanks, garage)
Tealights - £1.99 for pack (Dunelm)
Silver Figures - £3.99 for 3 (Dunelm)
Stone heart candle - £3.99 (Dunelm)
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Duvet set - £15 (Matalan)
Furry cushion - 2 for £8 (Matalan)

Next up, my duvet. I found this tie dye one in Matalan in what I think may have been the kids section. Who wants to be a grown up anyway.

PicMonkey Collage4
Furry cushion - 2 for £8 (Matalan)
Vase - £7.49 (Dunelm)
Twigs with fairy lights - £5.59 (Dunelm)

The vase was one of my favourite things I bought, Rob found it lurking on a low down sale shelf in Dunelm so we snatched it right up. I then took about 20 minutes (if only I was exaggerating) deciding whether to buy fake - but very real-looking, promise - orchids or these twigs.

PicMonkey Collage5
Box - 99p (Charity shop)

My floral crowns have never had a home so I'm glad to say that they finally do. Inside the box isn't as nice... I threw all my jewellery and odd bits and bobs in there. I think an old sim card actually made its way in there too. So, the moral of the story is, don't open Pandora's box.

PicMonkey Collage6
Paint - Sample pots (Annie Sloane)
Handles - A tiny shop in the middle of nowhere. I'm not sure of the price as my little Mamito bought them as a surprise for me.

Ah, the Pièce de résistance. My wardrobe's been needing a makeover for a while so me and my Mum saw this as an excuse to finally do it. I'm so happy with how it turned out, especially with the sveet little handles my Mum found.

And there we have it, a room transformed for a total cost of £50.04!

Amy x


Unknown said...

This is very cute!
I especially like the wardrobe transformation!

Unknown said...

This is lovely. I love the bed set and the wardrobe! :) xx

Holl JC said...

Your room looks incredible! So pretty and relaxing and lovely! Your wardrobe looks gorgeous, and it's such a great colour too! xxx

FromGemWithLove said...

What a cool idea! I love home deco on a budge. Think our entire flat has been like that. Love the amount of light your room gets, swoon! xx

Tara McGovern said...


Carly's closet said...

This is the best room makeover ever! Keep up with your blog, I love it! You're doing an amazing job!

Carly's Closet

Laura said...

It's amazing what £50 can do for a room! x I love love love the wardrobe!

Georgia Meramo said...

This task sounds like a dream! Looks so cute, I love all the little ornaments

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Really fab blog posts & ideas, I really enjoy them Love the wardrobe :)Gorgeous room <3


Lauren said...

This is such a great competition, very different from the unusual. And I know what you mean about being on a student budget ha.

I love how cute your wardrobe looks in blue, very nice!

Anonymous said...

Your room is so cute!

Emma x

DeeDenisa said...

great! Thanks for some idea....

Unknown said...

Your floral crowns look so pretty on display. Love the makeover on your wardrobe too!


ohsorosie said...

So lovely! Especially love the colour you chose for your wardrobe. It's like all those colours shouldn't go together, but they do! :) Rosie x

Madeleine Roach said...

Nice wardrobe transformation :)

Unknown said...

Love it!I might have to give it ago myself.

Really love your blog too!


Paige Rhianne said...

Ahh wow amazing! Well done you! x

Laura said...

Lovely post, that duvet cover is beautiful!!

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Anonymous said...

this is an awesome transformation and improvement! :)

The Style Rawr said...

I love your new duvet cover! It's funny how a few accessories can change the whole feel of a room.


Once Upon A Sophie said...

Wow! I can't believe you managed to get/do so much for so little money - well done! I love your brown leather chair by the way, it's beautiful! <3


LETICIA said...

soooooo gorgeous!!!! great job

Sophie Sierra said...

What a gorgeous room! Very relaxing and pretty and loving the looks you created too :)

Zandra May said...

Love that rainbow duvet! x

VioletDaffodils said...

Amazing! Looks adorable!